Members of the SORCE

Executive Directors

Tim "Rask" Berry
Russell "Russ" Dessaix-Chin
Julian "Jules" Fitzpatrick

Junior Officer (and owner of the most creative nickname)

Mark "Scotangerous" Scott

Catering and Events Officer

Aaron "Gino" Anderson

European Outpost

Andrew "Andy" McLeod  (we are going to have to work on this nickname Andy)
Some of you may note that Andy is wearing a top. This cannot be helped as he is competing in an English Championship
Cross Country Race. What should also be noted, and of considerable more importance, is that he is still wearing the official
SORCE Uniform of Boxer Shorts...Good on ya Andy!

General Members

Ben "Benno" Allen
Mick "MF" Allen
Simon "Pearso" Pearson
Paul "Weedo" Wiedersehn

....And occasionally we have temporary members come on board for a race, usually the City to Surf...

Nathan "Bouvo" Bouvery - City to Surf 2007
Ben "Doobsy" Du Bois - City to Surf 2001
Alex "DJ Price-Cuts" Price
Steven "Lockey" Locke