Who the hell are the SORCE?
singlet The SORCE was formed in 1999 by three like-minded individuals (an oxymoron if there ever was one).

Tim Berry, Russell Dessaix-Chin and Julian Fitzpatrick would pound the streets of their hometown of Wollongong, parading their fit and tanned bodies for all those local residents unlucky enough to look their way. It was after yet another busload of screaming teenage girls that the boys formed the idea of a club for those who like to run with their Shirts Off. A simple concept of course, but one that could and would lead to all sorts of controversy.

10 years on, the club membership has grown to an imposing ten hardy runners, with occasional cameos from others who admire the principles of the SORCE, but just can't commit...

There are many who express interest in joining the throng, but perusal of the SORCE rulebook usually results in admission of weakness and inability to adhere to the stringent directives it contains within.